Dr. Claudia Anrig has been in full-time practice for the past 30 years and is the founder of the first comprehensive pediatric program and community outreach, Peter Pan Potential. She also personally mentors chiropractors with a dream of growing their family wellness practice in the Generations coaching program. She is the past president and served for 25 years on the board of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association; and is on the post-graduate faculty of Life University. She received the 1997 Chiropractor of the Year Award from the World Chiropractic Association, Fellow of the International Chiropractic Association (ICA) in 1997, and Distinguished Service from the ICA in 1998. Dr. Claudia Anrig’s textbook, Pediatric Chiropractic, is the first of its kind and is the fastest selling textbook in chiropractic history.

Curriculum Vitae


1982 – Life Chiropractic College
1985 – Diplomate, Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
1987 – Fellow, Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering
1992 – Fellow, Gonstead Clinical Studies Society

Professional Qualifications

P.A.C.E. Approved Instructor (2014 – Present)
Post-Graduate Faculty — Life University – Atlanta, GA (1992-Present)
Post-Graduate Faculty — Cleveland Chiropractic College – KC (*1997-2013)
Post-Graduate Faculty — Parker College – Dallas, TX (*2000-2013)
Post-Graduate Faculty — NorthWestern Health Science – Bloomington, MN (*2000-2013)
International guest lecturer on chiropractic pediatrics.

* Dates are estimated based on ICPA Diplomate Program Schedule

Board of Directors

Board member for over 25 years, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
Past President of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
Past President of the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice
Board member for over 20 years, Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
Past President of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
Past International Chiropractic Association Representative for California
Past President of the Fresno County Chiropractic Association


Co-Editor, Pediatric Chiropractic Second Edition, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
Author, Chiropractic Approaches to Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care in: Textbook of Clinical Chiropractic, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
Co-Author, Somatovisceral Aspects of Chiropractic, Churchill Livingstone
Co-Author, Fundamentals of Chiropractic, Mosby
Numerous Articles regarding children’s health and chiropractic care for children.
Dynamic Chiropractic Columnist (1996–Present)

Professional Organizations

International Chiropractors Association
International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
California Chiropractic Association
League of Chiropractic Women

CE Approved Speaker in the following states:

California North Carolina North Dakota Montana
Washington South Carolina South Dakota Idaho
Colorado Florida New Hampshire Nevada
Illinois Alabama Iowa Alaska
Minnesota Louisiana Rhode Island Wyoming
Missouri Indiana Virginia Utah
Massachusetts Maryland West Virginia Oregon
Pennsylvania Michigan Georgia  

CE Approved Speaker for State Associations and/or Chiropractic Colleges:

California Michigan South Carolina
Washington Wisconsin Virginia
Montana Connecticut Texas
Utah New York Florida
North Dakota Missouri Nebraska
Ohio North Carolina  

Created the ICPA Diplomate Program with its founder, Dr. Larry Webster, and subsequently taught in the following:

Several of the lower 48 states
United Kingdom

International Speaking Engagements

Parker Sydney
Australian Spinal Research Foundation
The Edinburgh Lectures
The Oslo Symposium
World Chiropractic Federation Conference in Paris

Professional Recognitions

1997 Chiropractor of the Year World Chiropractic Association
1997 Fellow of the International Chiropractic Association
1999 ICPA Children’s Chiropractic Award
Numerous State and Association recognitions/awards

Seminar and Educational Companies

Peter Pan Potential – the first comprehensive family care seminar (1989-1997) and supportive educational products since 1989
Generations – mentoring for the Family Wellness Practitioner since 2003
First Adjustment – educating the Family Wellness Chiropractor on the care and treatment of the pediatric and prenatal population since 2013

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