All of our materials are designed to help parents understand the importance of Chiropractic care for children.

Monthly Practice Resources


Wellness Education Club | $30 per month

Join the club and educate your parent patients using the best educational resources available to the Family Wellness Practitioner!
  • 12 issues of the Wellness Family Newsletter – value $120 per year
  • 12 sets of “Did You Know’ e-educational materials – value $199 per year
  • 3-4 issues of the Recipe for Wellness – value $100 per issue
    (not available apart from Generations or the Wellness Education Club)
Total minimum value: $619
At $30 per month this is a savings of at least $259!

Take the best of Dr. Claudia Anrig’s educational resources and begin to share with your parent patients the wellness message. Every parent will benefit from the opportunity to learn about the latest in wellness lifestyle education in these eye-catching, colorful monthly resources.

Your Wellness Family Newsletter will be emailed to you monthly along with a link to download your “Did You Know” materials. The Recipe for Wellness is provided once every 3 to 4 months via email.

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Wellness Family Newsletter | $120 per year
*included in Wellness Education Club above

With time, scientific research is bringing forth more and more information that confirms what Chiropractors have been saying for years about the family wellness lifestyle. The question to ask ourselves is how are we going to get that information to the public? The answer: The Wellness Family Newsletter!

  • Provided once a month via email
  • Personalized with your name and practice information
  • Wellness Lifestyle Topics
  • A strong call-to-action for change
  • Chiropractic wellness message
  • Timeless information
  • Never dated
  • Making you the wellness leader in your community
Our newsletters are educational without talking over the patient’s head. Using simple and straightforward information, not pushing the Chiropractic message but educating on the value of Chiropractic, these newsletters will help your parent patients recognize that you care for the whole family.

Each month you will receive your latest Wellness Family Newsletter personalized for your practice via email in a pdf. This newsletter can be printed, double-sided in color on white paper and handed out to your patients or sent via email as an attachment. Another option is to create a “newsletter” page on your website to which you upload each month’s issue. By then providing your patients with a hyperlink to go read the newsletter online, you are educating your patients and increasing traffic to your website which is great for search engine optimization. However you choose to provide this material to your patients, they will benefit from this valuable education.

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The “Did You Know” Series | $199 per year
*included in Wellness Education Club above

This series was created to help doctors reach and teach their parent patients using the “e-language”. Be the resource teller for the parents in your practice using monthly contemporary info-bytes that keep the parent informed on the “latest” in family wellness. Each info-byte is supported with an educational practice handout.

Being a Family Wellness Chiropractor brings with it the responsibility of being a resource teller. The “Did you Know” Series is all about educating the parent and giving them valuable and useful information; not practice promotion.

By not overtly pushing the Chiropractic message, the patient is more likely to view this every month and forward it to friends and family; promotion you as the Family Wellness Chiropractor in your community.

Each month you will receive an email with a link to go to our website and download your latest “Did You Know” materials. They include a jpg image for emailing, a pdf that can be printed and displayed in your practice and the educational flyer that answers the “Did You Know” question and includes a website where the patient can go to learn more.

Download Infants and Chiropractic | Download Flu Vaccines | Click here to order.

Recipe for Wellness | Exclusive to Generations and Wellness Education Club Members

Living the wellness lifestyle isn’t easy with the prevalent Western Diet and our instant society that wants everything fast – including our food.

This four-page newsletter was created to give the Family Wellness Chiropractor an easy way to share wellness lifestyle information with your patients.

Provided 3-4 times a year, the Recipe for Wellness, contains wellness education as well as healthy recipes that can be made with items found in the average home.

Designed to be printed on 11 x 17 paper and folded in half, the patient can tear off the back page and save the recipes as a single sheet or save the whole newsletter since it’s a great resource.

This service is not available for purchase alone but is an exclusive Generations benefit being made available as part of the Wellness Education Club.

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PowerPoint Packages

Each of these comprehensive programs includes the following:

  • A full color PowerPoint presentation with high resolution graphics and photography, scientifically referenced
  • Educational handouts related to the topic
  • Sign up sheets and fliers
  • Recommendations from Dr. Claudia Anrig on how best to utilize these remarkable programs
  • A Family Health Survey with questions related to the topic
  • And introducing a Wellness Model with a strong call-to-action for change



Why Your Child Needs Chiropractic Care | $249

This 130-slide PowerPoint presentation will help you teach parents why their child needs chiropractic care based on the current research and latest statistics regarding the three causes of vertebral subluxation: chemical, physical and emotional stressors.

This program includes handouts educating on veterbral subluxation, the windows of time in which care can be most effective for children and provides two pages of statistics. Along with a Family Health Survey to educate and encourage the parent to learn more, this PowerPoint includes everything you need to effectively educate on this important topic.

Available in digital download for just $99.

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Drugging of Our Children | $249

This highly educational presentation covers what every parent needs to know about antibiotics, over-the-counter pain relievers, asthma medications, anti-depressants and Ritalin as well as introduces the topic of off-labeling and “guess-timating” medicine. A full-color, 125 –slide PowerPoint presentation is complete with high resolution photography, support materials and 275 pages of research.

Available in digital download for just $99.

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The Pediatric Progress Report | $199

This 56-slide PowerPoint presentation is provided to you as one “Super Show” or as three individual presentations on the topics of ear infections, bedwetting and asthma.  Lecture for one hour on all three topics or for 30-45 minutes utilizing the topic of your choice.

This program includes fliers and educational handouts to inform your audience regarding these common childhood disorders and is a companion to our Pediatric Progress Reports.

Available in digital download for just $99.

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The Wellness Pregnancy | $249

All about the positive, this PowerPoint package offers two versions of the Wellness Pregnancy.

The first version is a 56-slide presentation that shares the importance of diet, exercise and picking the right prenatal team. The second, extended version is 75 slides and includes scientifically-based pre-conception education.

This program comes complete with handouts, questionnaires and recommendation sheets for a healthier pregnancy.

Available in digital download for just $99.

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How to Reach a Thousand Children | $249

Reach out to the teachers in your community and touch the lives of a thousand schoolkids.  By hosting a Teacher’s Appreciation Event in your practice, you can begin the journey of lecturing on school campuses and sharing the wellness message with your community.

This event package includes four PowerPoints, one for the teacher and three that are school age-appropriate, handouts, invitation templates and step-by-step instruction on how to implement these materials to their best advantage.

Available in digital download for just $99.

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Back-to-School Event | $249

Reach the children in your community by offering backpack and postural screenings in your office, local schools and community.

This event package includes detailed instructions and recommendations for how best to provide a backpack and postural screening event.  Educate parents and children on the importance of proper backpack loading and carrying with an emphasis on maintaining a healthy and proper posture.

Screening reports, flyers, handouts, and a 30-minute PowerPoint lecture on the Importance of Posture are all included, making this one of the easiest ways to reach the children in your community.

Available in digital download for just $99.

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30-Minute Lecture Series Package | $299

Many Chiropractors would like the opportunity to be guest speakers or offer educational workshops in their offices but lack the time to develop their own lectures; this series removes that obstacle. 

You are provided with twelve (12) PowerPoints with corresponding educational newsletters to help you share the same information with your audience in an informal medium that they can take home.

These lectures are designed to promote the wellness lifestyle and give you an opportunity to present a variety of information important to young families.  History has shown that if your message is only Chiropractic you’ll get just a one-time opportunity to present to a group.

So instead use these 30-Minute Lectures, utilizing high-resolution graphics and totaling over 400 slides.  They will help you reach your community with the wellness lifestyle message and each includes a strong call-to-action that embraces Chiropractic.

Available in digital download for just $199.

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30-Minute Lectures | $33 each via digital download

Now available individually via digital download. Pick your favorite topics and receive your PowerPoint, matching handout, a flyer and a sign-up sheet.

Lecture topics include:

  • Boosting Your Child’s Immunity through healthier eating, exercise and lifestyle changes.
  • The Well-Balanced Child educates parents on the importance of not over-scheduling their child but keeping them on a healthy pace.     
  • The Beverage Dilemma will help parents to understand the health consequences of allowing their children to drink too many caffeinated drinks and other unhealthy drink options.     
  • Function vs Fashion educates parents on the importance of purchasing the right backpack and helps them teach their children proper loading and carrying to protect their growing spines.     
  • The Benefits of Breastfeeding introduces mothers to the latest American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations regarding breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months of life.     
  • Car Seats and Your Child’s Safety educates parents on the importance of properly installed car seats and introduces the concept that a safety seat does not mean that their child will escape completely unscathed from an auto accident.     
  • Food Allergies and the Aware Parent shares the important role that a healthy diet will play in avoiding a child developing food allergies in their growing years.     
  • Home Remedies for the Family will introduce the parent to healthy home remedies that can help to relieve their family’s suffering without reaching for an over-the-counter chemical.     
  • The Obese Child covers the dangers of childhood obesity and healthy choices to help avoid this rising crisis.     
  • Hidden Health Hazards in Your Home helps parents to recognize and remove dangerous and toxic chemicals from their home.     
  • The Price of a Fall will introduce parents to the concept that childhood falls and tumbles are, in reality, repetitive stress injuries that can lead to adult back pain.  Learn how early intervention can prevent decades of health issues.     
  • The Fast Food Dilemma educates parents on the hidden dangers to their children’s health with the consumption of fast food.


Printed Products

Pediatric Chiropractic Textbook - Second Edition Revised | Free with a 1-Year Subscription to our
Wellness Family Newsletter (only $120 a year)

With its academic and clinical approach, the second edition of Pediatric Chiropractic provides the Family Wellness Chiropractor the tools they need to adjust infants, children and pregnant women with confidence. Through the cooperation of over 40 international experts, this new edition adds several techniques including SOT, Thompson, Logan, Upper Cervical, Craniosacral, instrument assisted adjusting and remains the leading resource for the Gonstead technique as a method for adjusting children and pregnant women.

Exploring several areas of clinical importance, the second edition addresses neurology, primary care, vaccination issues, adolescent health and specialty practices including Sensory Processing, Motor and Developmental disorders.

As a resource for the Family Wellness Chiropractor, this second edition is unrivaled.  Now over 50% bigger it includes 15 additional chapters, over 400 new pages and 250 more illustrations.

Please note: You can learn more about the Wellness Family Newsletter by clicking here or calling 559.291.7800 to speak with one of our support staff.

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Case History & Exam Sheets | $15

Use these double sided forms to easily gather comprehensive data for the pediatric patient.  The forms also serve as an educational tool because they communicate your philosophy of focusing on kids.  (50 sheets per pad)
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Pediatric Progress Reports | $75 for the set

This not a typical Chiropractic pamphlet!  These educational brochures offer a fresh approach for parents looking for non-invasive options for their children with these common childhood disorders. 

The medical community will typically try to “treat the symptoms” while the Chiropractic lifestyle focuses on the vitalistic approach of improving the quality of life by improving function.

  • Report 1 – Ear Infections: This brochure introduces the new American Academy of Pediatrics “wait-and-watch” guidelines for the treatment of this common childhood disorder
  • Report 2 – Bedwetting: Lets your parent patients know that they’re not alone in this common childhood disorder
  • Report 3 – Asthma: Introduces all the latest information and introduces the possibility that improving your child’s nervous system function may improve their quality of life

Sold in packs of 50. Also available for $30 each.
Enlarge Image | Click here to order | Matching PowerPoint.

A Series of Six Wellness Pamphlets | $99 for the entire set

An informational set of six pamphlets that defines wellness and it’s most common interferences as it pertains to each stage of childhood development and the role the Family Wellness Chiropractor plays.  A great way to inform parents and their families while encouraging referrals.  A total of 150 pamphlets per set.  No substitutions.

SIX TITLES: The Wellness Pregnancy, The Wellness Infant, The Wellness Toddler, The Wellness Pre-Schooler, The Wellness School Child and the Wellness Teen.

Sold in packs of 25 per title. Also available for $20 each.
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Sensory Processing Disorder Pamphlet | $17 when purchased with the Wellness set

An educational pamphlet defining and explaining Sensory Process Disorder to parents.  Helping parents understand the role a Family Wellness Chiropractor can play in their child’s wellness.

Sold in packs of 25. Also available for $20 each.
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Video Products

Newborn to Child Evaluation & Adjusting Techniques Video | $170

With your personal, 70 minute, one-on-one video workshop Newborn to Child Evaluation and Adjusting Techniques you’ll get the latest pediatric evaluation and adjusting procedures used daily by Dr. Claudia Anrig in her own practice.  It’s like having Dr. Claudia with you, taking you through each adjustment both visually and narratively.  The video demonstrates adjustment techniques for every size hand.
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Welcoming Wellness Video | $49

Pop Welcoming Wellness in your waiting room video player to give parents a clear understanding of the benefits of chiropractic care for their children. Designed for viewing by adult patients anticipating their own care, this motivating tape answers frequently asked questions such as why children need adjusting, the positive influences of chiropractic care on typical childhood disorders such as bedwetting, ear infection, asthma, and more.
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